Luanes Magical World

Having a little bit of free time today, I decided I to head out and find something to spark my imagination.  Every now and then, everyone needs a little magic….something to believe in and that search took me to this lovely build located on the Morning Glow sim.

The land description reads, “Feel the magic all around, in the magical unicorn forest, the enchanted woods or the princess tower. Explore every little corner to see all the secret romantic and magical spots.”

This sim hit the spot.  It is fun, whimsical, and beautiful and did spark my imagination.  I remember watching a video on YouTube a while back about the “The Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix – A Man’s Guide to Women” (included at the bottom for your entertainment) and got all excited about the possibility of finding a unicorn 🙂

Seriously though, this sim is delightful and a perfect diversion from the normal day-to-day activities in Second Life.  I highly recommend it for the relaxation and photographic opportunities that it offers.

As always, I hope you enjoy the pictures and the SLURL is located after the pictures in this post.



To visit this location in Second Life click here:  Luanes Magical World