Los Banos

Every once in a while, I come across a build that really strikes my fancy and this is one of those.  It has this feeling of desperation about it and reminds me a lot of when I ventured off the resort I was staying at in Jamaica to look around.  One thing that really struck me about Jamaica was some of the housing.  When you first see them, you immediately assume that some are in a state of ruin.  I struck up a conversation with a homeowner and he explained that it was quite the opposite.  They were building the house but could only build based on the funds that they had.  To borrow money was prohibitively expensive so they built as they could afford to.  Therefore, they only completed the house a room at a time and, with their climate, it was not a big deal to have certain areas without a roof for an extended period of time as long as it was still just concrete block.  It was very enlightening.

This build is not the same as that experience in Jamaica, it just brought back the memory.  “Los Banos” is more about a community in the grips of decline.  The land description for this build reads, “Welcome to Los Banos the locals have nicknamed it Perdition, due to it’s beautiful exterior and high poverty rates it’s been named one of the worst places to live, but one of the best places to visit due to it’s historical sites and places to explore.”

I have included the pictures I grabbed as well as the SLURL at the bottom of the post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here Los Banos



welcome to somewhere

I heard about the “welcome to somewhere” build and it sounded intriguing so, you guessed it, I had to visit.  Located on the “Salmson Isle” sim, it has an apocalyptic urban feeling to it.  There were other people milling around the streets so not all was lost but you could tell this neighborhood was once part of a thriving metropolis.  The build is very well laid out with lots of things to see and do.  I even observed the owner taking a couple of swings in the batting cage shortly after leaping from the platform above the landing point (yes, that is DarkDesire, Stefan Salmson in SL, pictured in that shot.)

DarkDesire and Madison (Princess Hienrichs in SL) have quite the place here and you can explore and take pictures to your hearts content.  They do offer the option to join their group (for a fee) in order to rez poseballs and other items should you desire.  They only ask that you remember to pick them up when you leave.

I have included a handful of pictures I shot while there and have included the SLURL at the bottom of the post.  I hope you enjoy them and the sim.


To visit this location in Second Life, click here welcome to somewhere

‘Tis The Season

I am closing out 2017 with this post about “‘Tis The Season.”  Personally, I am looking very forward to what 2018 may hold.  As they say, “Out with the old and in with the new.”  Happy New Year everyone.

Maia Gasparini’s land description reads, “‘Tis The Season for all things festive this winter. Old fashioned snowy sleigh rides, hot cocoa at the outdoor Christmas market, ice-skating on the frozen lake, visit Mrs Claus’ Christmas tree lot, or just get lost pressing through the snow…”

The sim, “Moochie” is done up for the holidays and I had a lot of fun looking around it.  It truly captures the essence of the festive season with all its lights and trees, snow and ice.  Plenty of stuff to look at and some great photographic opportunities.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took of it and, as always, the SLURL is at the bottom of this post to help you get there quicker.


To visit this location in Second Life, please click here:  ‘Tis The Season


The land description reads, “What I saw had no solidity, it was all made of mist and nylon, with nothing behind.”- Anna Kavan.  This quote is from her 1967 book, “Ice”, an interesting story that I will not delve into here but the reviews I saw online indicate it would be an intriguing read.

The builders of the sim have created something very special here.  Although cold and icy, it has a warmth to it that reminds me of returning home for the holidays.  Very well done and laid out nicely presenting many great photographic opportunities.  As you peruse the many winter sims that are available in Second Life, be sure and add this one to your itinerary, you will be glad that you did.

This has not been my first visit to this sim.  I paid a visit in March of this year when it was a bit warmer out.  You can see the pictures here:  First Visit

I have included some of the shots that I grabbed while there and I hope you enjoy them.  I have also included the SLURL at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Anduril