Footprints in the Seasons

Finding myself with an abundance of free time in Second Life as of late, I decided to look around the grid and came across “~Footprints In The Seasons Rentals~” located on the “Serena Coral Cay” sim.

Looking a little closer, I realized that Welshy (Kristy Enyo) and Booty (Bootysnatcha Leeeroy) are the co-owners of it.  You may remember Welshy’s other sim, Footprints in the Sand, previously featured on the blog.

This new build is breathtaking.  It does offer rentals for those interested in living there but is also open for photographers and those interested in just viewing this beautiful build.  As with any sim that offers rentals, you should take care to respect the privacy of the residents and behave appropriately when visiting.

Beautiful sim and kudos to both of them.  I have included my pictures and hope that you get a chance to visit it.  The SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.

To visit this location in Second Life, please click here ~Footprints In The Seasons Rentals~

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