Los Banos

Every once in a while, I come across a build that really strikes my fancy and this is one of those.  It has this feeling of desperation about it and reminds me a lot of when I ventured off the resort I was staying at in Jamaica to look around.  One thing that really struck me about Jamaica was some of the housing.  When you first see them, you immediately assume that some are in a state of ruin.  I struck up a conversation with a homeowner and he explained that it was quite the opposite.  They were building the house but could only build based on the funds that they had.  To borrow money was prohibitively expensive so they built as they could afford to.  Therefore, they only completed the house a room at a time and, with their climate, it was not a big deal to have certain areas without a roof for an extended period of time as long as it was still just concrete block.  It was very enlightening.

This build is not the same as that experience in Jamaica, it just brought back the memory.  “Los Banos” is more about a community in the grips of decline.  The land description for this build reads, “Welcome to Los Banos the locals have nicknamed it Perdition, due to it’s beautiful exterior and high poverty rates it’s been named one of the worst places to live, but one of the best places to visit due to it’s historical sites and places to explore.”

I have included the pictures I grabbed as well as the SLURL at the bottom of the post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here Los Banos



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