[INSPIRED] Winter Resort

My travels have been a bit exhausting of late so thought I would look for somewhere to relax a bit…..a resort would do nicely, wouldn’t you think?  Well, I was right and wrong at the same time LOL.  [Inspired] Winter Resort is a beautiful build and would be very relaxing for most but I could not resist the urge to shoot pictures while there.  Okay, in all fairness, I do find that relaxing 🙂

Arriving at sunset with Sofia accompanying me, all bundled up for the chill in the air, we set out on exploring this beautiful resort.  I caught a shot of her resting on a bench next to another fox that seemed very interested in her.  I will have to keep an eye on that creature LOL.

I grabbed a few nice shot before darkness fell and then returned again to get the details of the sim and stumbled across Raizan Field-Dereham (raizan.field), one of the co-owners of the sim.  The other owners, Yosh Shi Juan (macximuss.zsun) and ḋυсќïε ρøρṡ (candyharlequin), were not there but need to be mentioned as this build in truly special and appears to be a true labor of love.

I, as I am known to do, grabbed a couple candid shots of Raizan on the sim and asked her about it.  I asked her specifically if there was anything she wanted me to share and she said, “Please visit. The sim [ as I’m sure every sim ] was built on synergy but fundamentally a lot of love for the sim and each other.”  She is a very delightful and pleasant person and I was happy I got a chance to chat briefly.

You need to visit this sim.  It is very well done and keeps you in the spirit of the season.  Kudos to all three of them.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I have included the SLURL at the bottom of the post for you.

To visit this location in Second Life, please click here:  [INSPIRED] Winter Resort

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