Brand New Colony

While traveling through Second Life looking for interesting sims to shoot, I stumbled across the home of the Blessed family.  As they state in the land description, “Everyone nice is welcome. ♥”

This is a beautiful sim with several very nice surprises.  It is also an Adult sim with some adult surprises as well.  I was good this visit and limited my activities to taking pictures but may check out some of their ‘equipment’ on a future visit *wink*.

I do recommend it for exploring and, who knows, you may find a little spark while visiting.  No one bothered me when I was there so it appears that most are very polite and, as the land description states, nice.

Check it out.  It is very well done and I hope you enjoy the pictures I grabbed while I was there.  I have included the SLURL at the bottom of this post.

To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  Brand New Colony



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