Deadman’s Island Haunted Sim 2017

Where has the time gone?  Deadman’s Island is here for its third year, yes I said third year, and it is still one of the premier Halloween sims in Second Life.  As the advertising states, “Deadman’s Island Haunted Sim is not for the squeamish or faint-hearted! Are you looking to visit somewhere dark, ominous and creepy? Come visit us! Deadman’s Island will leave you feeling like someone is right behind you…. watching… waiting….”  If you are into Halloween sims, you HAVE to visit this one.

My dear friend Alex Luciano (‘alexandrasadie resident’ in-world) has brought this build to life each year for the enjoyment of SL residents.  I had the pleasure of showing it in 2015 and 2016 and am very happy to show it to you again this year.  She does not disappoint and puts her heart and soul into this annual event.  Please note that I am not showing everything……what would a haunted sim be without a few surprises, right?

I do hope you like the pictures and take an opportunity to visit it this year.  The SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.

To visit this location in Second Life, please click here:  Deadman’s Island Haunted Sim

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