The Salted Ruins

As I explore other people’s picture feeds on Flickr and Facebook, I noticed this sim coming up quite frequently.  “The Salted Ruins” as described in the land description, “2017 Summer Photography Challenge for Elysion Members – Inspired by the beauty and culture of the country of Sri Lanka.”  It is, however, limited to members of the Elysion group only.  That being said, they are known for their elaborate events and their sim landscapes so, for me, it is something that was worth the investment.  Just wanted to let everyone know that it is group only access before you tried to get there and find you cannot.  I have included the SLURL to their group joiner location should you decide you want to investigate membership.

I do hope you enjoy the pictures and I have also included the SLURL to the sim at the bottom of the post.


To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  The Salted Ruins

To join the Elysion group, click here:  Elysion Group Joiner Location


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