Goodnight – Open Until 9/30

It has been roughly a year and a half since I have worked on a sim that I felt good enough about to truly call home and, with Sofia’s help, we have created such a sim. I still remember the first sim that I attempted to build, ironically with her, and the feeling of surprise when it turned out to be what it was.

I never go into a sim build with an idea in mind but rather a fragmented collection of mental postcards that create the foundation of what I would like.  Piecing them together is always the challenge for me.  I typically start with one area and then build an adjacent area and so on and so on.  Sofia always tends to keep me on track if I tend to wander to far into the bizarre.  Her contributions to the sim are always well thought out and beautiful.  She has created several sims on her own, despite her self-proclaimed lack of vision and talent.  ALL the interior decorating you see on this sim is the result of her vision, I cannot even begin to take credit for that.

As this is our home, we have decided to open it for a short time to share it with our friends as well as those friends that we have yet to meet.  We do hope that you will stop by and check it out.  We will have it open to the public until September 30th. Please bear in mind that it is not totally completed but, then again, are they ever completed?  And while there, be sure and check out Goodnight Amusement Park and the Goodnight Main Store (SLURLs located at the bottom of this post.)

I do hope to see you come by and I hope you enjoy the preview pictures.

Visit the sim in Second Life by clicking here:  Goodnight

Visit the amusement park in Second Life by clicking here:  Goodnight Amusement Park

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