I ran across “Deciduous” in my travels today and was very impressed with it.  As I typically do as late, I googled the word deciduous and to find out more about it. The standard meanings of the word are briefly to “fall off at maturity” or “tending to fall off.”  Shrubs and trees of different varieties lose their leaves as they reach maturity or the temperature chills enough to cause them to fall off.  Likewise, humans will lose their baby teeth or deer will lose their antlers as a couple of examples.

This build was gorgeous and full of color.  I enjoyed exploring it and taking pictures.   I highly recommend paying it a visit.

I do hope you enjoy the pictures I got of it and hope that you will find time to visit it yourself.  I have included the landmark at the bottom of the post.

Click the following link to visit this location in Second Life:  Deciduous


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