It’s a New Dawn

Amazingly, this is my 300th post!!  Where has the time gone?  What started as just a whim has turned into a therapeutic activity of sorts for me and I thank you for letting me share my random finds and thoughts with you over the past 2 years or so. I also want to thank my partner, Sofia, for encouraging me to start down this path back then.

This brings me to the latest adventure, the “It’s a New Dawn” build located on the “Lemon Beach” sim.  The land description reads, “The dawn has come….  And the wine will run…. And the song must be sung…. And the flowers are melting….
In the sun.”  For those familiar with Kate Bush, you will remember these words as the opening lyrics to her song, “Aerial” which is to the ears what this sim is to the eyes – beautiful.  With sounds turned on while visiting this sim, you are in for a totally immersive experience into the tranquility that is represented.  A very peaceful and enjoyable visit with plenty of picture opportunities to be had.

Second Life is truly amazing to me.  The creativity that is present in game never ceases to impress me.  I have enjoyed every post to date that I have made, some during happy times, some during turbulent times.  This journey has been as much about celebration as it has been about healing.  It is an outlet for my emotions as well as a showcase for beauty (hopefully portrayed as such with my attempt at photography.)

I appreciate all the comments I have received during this endeavor and also the recommendations for sims to shoot but, most of all, I appreciate each and every one of you.  It just amazes me that others enjoy what I started as an outlet for myself.

I do hope, as always, that you enjoy the pictures and take time to visit this sim. Make sure you let the sim owner know that you appreciate the sims that you like and spread the word about them as well.  To help you with this effort I have included the SLURL at the bottom of this post.  I look forward to what the next post may hold (not committing to another 300 at this point LOL).

Click on the following link to visit this location in Second Life:  It’s a New Dawn

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