Enlightenment at Devin

I decided to take another adventure to Devin.  I must admit that I am a bit fascinated with this sim and just cannot resist visiting occasionally.  You can see my previous posts, “Devin”  & “Return to Devin”, by clicking on their names.

Having been there a couple of times already, I figured that I would just wander around and take it in.  There would be nothing that I had not seen before and I would just enjoy it for what it was.  Then, out of nowhere, came the idea of switching my Windlight setting to something I had not used before.  How would it look to me if I changed the way I looked at it?

As I stood there looking at the different photographic opportunities that presented themselves I got to thinking further. What if I applied the same approach to the way I view situations and other items in my life?  I wondered how much of my perception of some of my experiences and acquaintances in life were influenced by the energy (or metaphorically, Windlight) that existed at the time?  Could it be that, during the time I experienced any given situation, other events or emotions had a greater effect on me than I realized?  I have always operated with the understanding that emails and text messages are often read with the tone of our current mood.  If a person is happy, a curt message may come across without the sarcasm or anger that was originally intended.  Likewise, if a person is unhappy or stressed it is very likely that a benign comment or statement may seem like an attack.

It would be so nice if I had a drop-down list that I could use to change my view of any given situation as it were happening.  Not happy with the way it is going, change my viewpoint or mood and see how it looks now.  Sadly, it is not that easy though.  In Second Life, we can do it while looking at our focal point and nothing changes except the Windlight we are using to shoot the picture with.  In real life, things keep moving.  In a virtual world we have tools that can freeze time.  That is until we introduce others to the environment, then it gets complicated.  Often times, before the interactive play comes into play, we would be best to have our desired Windlight selected prior to the scene.  Moods and feelings are not as easy to set however.  We try and do the best with what we have but yet, sometimes, it does not turn out well.

My visit to the sim did turn out well.  I got the shots I wanted and was pleased with them and I will return to try something new next time.  I do not know how it will turn out but I am grateful to have the opportunity to try again, to find my perception of perfection.  Would any of us really want to pass up that chance if we had it?  I do not think I would and, for that reason, I will will keep trying new approaches and new Windlights until I achieve what I consider my best experience.

I do hope you enjoy these pictures.  It is another series of shots from an incredible sim seen in a different light.  Some may like them, some may not, but it was the one that I found myself in during this visit.  As always, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post and thank you for taking the time to view it.

Visit this locating in Second Life by clicking here: Devin

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