Maison de L’amitie

These shots are from the “Maison de L’amitie” build located on the “Orchid” sim.  I found this visit to be delightful and was especially impressed with how the water areas were designed.  As everyone is well aware by now, I am drawn to builds that have coastal feels to them and this was no exception.  A beautiful sim will worth the time to explore.  I hope you get a chance to head by there and take a look around, snap a few pictures, and perhaps meet a friend or two.

While I wandered around taking pictures, I continued my thinking about ‘finding myself’ in Second Life.  Today’s thoughts concerned coming into Second Life for the first time in 2006.  As I approach my 11th rez-day I cannot help but think of all that has changed.  Some for the better and some, well, just for the sake of change.

I remember Welcome Island (not sure if that was what it was actually called then) and how much it felt like boot camp to me.  It had an obstacle course approach feel to it that was designed to teach me the basic navigational skills I would need to get around within this new world I was entering.  It took me three days to get through this as I really did not want to learn a lot of new tricks.  I wanted to get right into the experience and enjoy it.

I finally graduated and made my way into the world.  I do not remember exactly what I did after that (as I have slept many times since then) but I do recall the Linden land giveaway.  As a new user, I was entitled to 512 square meters of land on the mainland.  I remember going to the location they had released to claim my land and was shocked at how many others were there doing the same thing.  I remember claiming my spot in this new world and immediately being offered L$5000 for my land.  I did not take it as I thought I needed this for some reason.  I did sell it a few months later for L$7000 to someone who was consolidating parcels.  Compared to land prices today, that was a great deal.

But back to the matter at hand.  I do hope you enjoy these pictures and have an opportunity to visit this beautiful sim.  I have included the SLURL at the bottom of the post to help getting there easier.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Maison de L’amitie

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