I paid a visit to the “Patankar” build located on the “Family Dreams” sim expecting to see a very impressive sim and was not disappointed.  Created by Dama Magic and Alex Broxy (Damatjo Magic and Fulld2 in-world), I knew this had to be something special to see and I was right.  I have been friends with Dama on Facebook for years and have been a big fan of her artwork.  With her eye for photography, I knew this sim was going to be wonderful.  And for those of you who may not be familiar with her stuff, I recommend visiting her blog,  “All Beautiful things of SL by Dama“.   I am not all that familiar with Alex but, from what I can see, the two of them make a very good couple and, judging by the sim, he appreciates the beauty of SL.  Kudos to both of them for not only creating this sim but for also opening for all of us to enjoy.  I even managed to snap a candid picture of her on the sim as well as Ninna Dazy who is also an amazing photographer.  I have Ninna’s Flickr link here:  Ninna Dazy’s Flickr.  Sue me for doing the paparazzi thing.  🙂

So, yeah, all in all a good day.  Got to enjoy snapping some pictures, saw some photographers that I respect, and enjoyed a beautiful sim.  All Sundays should be this nice.

This nice day got me to thinking about my Second Life some more.  Lately I have felt that my in-world experience has not been all that it should be.  I have realized that somewhere along the way I had lost myself.  Whether it was through interactions with others, my personal view of my avatar, or the activities I have undertaken in the game I felt that I had lost my North (as some like to say.) Realizing this more as time has passed, I decided to spend time alone and try to ‘find myself.’

Starting simple, I opened the map.  That ended up being pretty fruitless as, much like the maps at the mall, I was located where I was standing.  As a child I was always amazed that the mall map knew where I was so I was not surprised that Second Life did as well.  Guess it is true what they say, “Wherever you go, there you are.”  But this was not the information I was seeking so I continued on.

I followed this up with a quick search of my name and then read my profile.  Pretty benign for the most part.  In my search for myself, I thought I would reach out to me and see how I was.  That was until I realized that you cannot IM yourself.  This actually makes sense.  And, ironically, addressing a statement to yourself in local chat tends to open up personal space around you as people begin to move away. The subsequent waiting for a response was nothing less than awkward.  This was not going to work.  (I find it odd that I speak so slowly in my mind when I am typing, does everyone experience that?)

Determining that finding myself is going to be harder than I initially had hoped it would be, I am going to take some time and give it some serious thought.  Over the next few posts, I will share my ramblings for those who are interested.  I will also have pictures for those that are not.  🙂  Either way is fine with me.

When I opened the map trying to find myself, I did smile.  There was nothing like seeing that “self” icon indicating that I was on such a beautiful sim.  Be sure and check out the pictures.  I hope you enjoy them and are motivated to use the SLURL located at the bottom of this post.  You will not regret it and, if you are not happy for any reason, I am sure they will refund your admission fee.  🙂



Click here to visit this location in Second Life:  Patankar

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