West of the Rain

I was given the landmark to the “West of the Rain” build located on the “Vitalogy” sim by a good friend and was grateful to receive it.  The land description reads, “A public sim and full region loosely inspired by The San Juan Islands in Washington State, A place for ongoing events, music, installations and for SL photographers. Designed and owned by Oobleck Allagash and Nodnol Jameson.”

This is a delightful sim with a very nice layout.  There are plenty of great photographic opportunities and is a very pleasant build to explore.  I recommend it highly for anyone who enjoys the wilderness coupled with scenic beach areas.

I remember visiting the islands in 2012 and remember vividly how beautiful they were.  Actually I visited only one of them, San Juan Island and took in the Whale Museum and the History Museum as well as explored the island on a moped.  It was a good day, relaxing and fun.

I would love to make it back there someday soon.  I found it interesting how visiting this location in-world got me to thinking back to my visit to the island.  I got to thinking about other memory triggers that arise now and again and, unless the event or memory was deeply dark or tragic, our minds manage to recall only the best of moments.  Often times the good moments can mask the bad moments when we think back fondly at what we once experienced.

Likewise the reverse can hold true as well.  What was once bad may have just been a perception that was garnered by other events that were occurring at the time.

As I pondered it further I realized that my experiences were exactly that…. my experiences.  Others may have had similar experiences and that just indicates that they had the same viewpoint of the experience as I did or, perhaps, I may have influenced their perception of the situation.

As I look back at situations and experiences, I now try to recall the events that may have shaped my perception of the moment.  What was it that may have resulted in an otherwise ordinary or average experience becoming a negative?  Conversely, what was it about an extremely positive experience that may have influenced it?  Was it meeting that incredible woman that I later had dinner with?  Or was the boardwalk really that exceptional?

As I look back at some of my experiences, I work to try to determine what the underlying current of emotions or distractions may have been and then decide whether it is worth revisiting.  It is also best to try and rationalize the experiences so that when others inquire about somewhere I have been I can give them an objective opinion.

And there I went again.  On to the pictures….  I hope you enjoy them and, as always, the SLURL is at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  West of the Rain

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