Mystical Fae Forest

I paid a visit to “Mystical Fae Forest” located on the “Elvenshire” sim.  This is a delightful build of fantasy and whimsy and I thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you to Poodie Socke for giving me the landmark.  I wandered throughout and snapped some memories along the way.  I got some pictures of the local inhabitants as well as some of the visitors.  It was a very delightful build indeed.  I have included the pictures and SLURL below and encourage everyone to go and check this one out.

Today is April Fools’ Day in parts most of the world and it is going to contain pranks, hoaxes, and assorted misinformation for many which typically end with a boisterous, “April Fools’!!!”  Originally intended to be for instances of tom-foolery resulting in laughs and good times, some turn it into an unfortunate day of entertaining themselves as well as others at the expense of another.  For that reason, the day and its activities are not accepted warmly by all.

In Second Life, April Fools’ day can be just as fun.  A virtual world offers many opportunities to perpetrate some pretty funny hoaxes and pranks upon each other. For some, any day in Second Life is April Fools’ because too many create hoaxes and misinformation to serve their own needs.  This would not typically be an issue until someone gets genuinely hurt or harmed by another’s hoax.

I once had a very good friend who was the victim of such a hoax, one in which another person pretended to be someone they were not and they both got very close.  One with a vision of a future with the other in Real Life, the other with the knowledge of why that could not happen.  When pressed for Real Life contact, the individual projecting the hoax will inevitably find a way to avoid the illusion from coming to a conclusion.  They will be convincing to the point that the rube (victim of the confidence game) will feel bad for questioning their mistrust of the conniver. No contact will be made and the con continues on.

Do not get me wrong, I have no issue whatsoever with someone playing whatever role that they want to play in Second Life , without the implications of desiring more beyond the game.  My issue is when the person attempts to take that illusion to the next level, to push for more than what is contained within Second Life.  One common approach is fake Real Life pictures or voice-morphing to convince you of the legitimacy of their claim.  It could also be having others who are close to them participate in the illusion themselves without having any real knowledge of the truth or situation.  Either way, it is still an illusion that is designed to meet the malicious needs of the perpetrator of the hoax.

I was there for my friend when the illusion unraveled and the truth presented itself.  I knew there were two ways to approach it, you can either remove yourself from the situation or you can set out to destroy the other person. The latter choice is where you allow the anger, hurt, and embarrassment you experienced to turn into rage that drives you to want to destroy a person and force them out of the game or onto an alt.  The fool in this scenario wins a symbolic victory but it does little for the victim’s piece of mind.  The humiliation remains with the victim and sours their future experiences.

The former approach of letting it go is my preferred approach.  It is not for all and many may disagree with it, but it is the one that works the best for me.   I have been on the fool’s end a couple of times in Second Life.  In one instance, a prankster that I got involved with offered evidence of how I was deceived with a person prior to them.  It was all part of the confidence game.  Let me show you how you got suckered before, trust me as I show you how the other fooled you.  It is amazing how much deceivers know about exposing one another.  There must be a class on deception online somewhere.

So remember, April Fools’ day is a good day for fun and pranks, provided we do it all in good nature.  Have fun with it, laugh and cheer, but be considerate.  There is no reason to be malicious.  And for the rest of the year, have fun.  Play the game but be diligent.  Do not allow yourself to get played by the game.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Enchanted Isle

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