Another Visit to Basilique

Basilique is probably the build that I have visited the most in Second Life.  I have always had a love of the sea and the pier on this sim calls to me.  I never tire of visiting it, taking pictures, and just walking along the pier.  It has not changed much at all, one of the true constants in Second Life for me.

I can honestly say that, if you have never visited or have not for a while, you need to return to Basilique.  I may be a bit biased but cannot help myself.  It is nice to have a constant in Second Life that you feel you can go to relax and reflect.  This is my place for that.

One of the things that I am looking forward to this summer is visiting piers and lighthouses along the East Coast, from Florida to Maine.  I have always been fascinated with all things nautical and am looking forward to this extended trip up the Eastern Seaboard.  I also want to visit Washington, D.C., which I have never been to before as well.

When we are young, we believe we will have all the time in the world to do the things we dream of and we fantasize about the freedom we will have as adults to do them. When we become adults and get caught up in the act of living, we always continue to dream about the things we will do when we get time but never seem to make the time available to do them.  Then one day, we are reminded that time is a premium asset, that there is no guarantee of how much there actually is.  Once we get past the initial panic that comes with the full realization of that fact, we calm ourselves and then think about what we actually want to do with the time we have left.  As I have discussed in another post, time is the one thing we cannot get back so make the very most of it doing what you truly want to do.

Above all else, be kind to others as well.  You do not know how much time they may have either so wouldn’t you prefer to make it as pleasant for them as possible? And if they are not pleasant, just release them from your life.  Life is too short for unpleasant people and, though you may want to make them happy, some will never achieve happiness.  They hold on to hurt and pain, keeping it alive and wearing it as a badge of honor that they flash at you to justify why they are the way they are.  Never seeking to release or address it themselves, they cannot expect you to handle it for them.  Let these people go.  You will be happier and they will have something new to complain about and, ironically, that is what they thrive on anyway.

Enough going on….  I hope you enjoy the pictures and the SLURL is at the bottom of this post.  I hope you enjoy Basilique as much as I did.

To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  Basilique




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