Orcadi Island

I paid a visit to this gorgeous build located on “Black Cat Island” and was very pleased I had it on my list of places to see.  With the horses, the landscaping, and the photographic experiences that presented themselves, I felt like I was in heaven.  It only adds to the continuing beauty of Second Life that I have been experiencing again.

My explorations have introduced me to new friends and also resulted in reconnecting with old friends.  True friendships are amazing on so many levels. There is a comfort in knowing that people truly care about you like you do them. Perhaps the most refreshing part is just the basic honesty that exists between you and a trusted friend.

My best and most trusted friend in Second Life is one that I do not see nearly enough of.  They are always completely honest with me and have never had anything but an honest concern for my well being.  They are the one person that, no matter when or where we connect, it feels like we just spoke yesterday.  Always there to offer an ear to vent to, a hug to comfort when needed, or the brutally honest truth when they see I am making bad choices.  This person is the friend who is always there regardless if I take their advice or not.  Likewise, I am there for them as well.  It is that mutual trust, love, and familiarity that makes the friendship so incredibly unique and special.

They noticed me changing over time and could hear in my voice how much that change bothered me.  They helped me in identifying the source of my mood and I made changes to correct it.

I truly feel like myself again, as if toxins have been removed from my system.  It has not been an easy journey, I had a couple of stumbles along the way, hurt some others (which I painfully regret), but finally feel like myself again.  Now, sharing my explorations and discoveries with each and every one of you brings me happiness.  I thank each of you for allowing me into your days, your adventures, and to a small extent, your lives.  I value that connection more than you will ever know.

I also value my connection with my best friend, we are always there for each other. There are few feelings that compare.  I pray that everybody has that special someone in their life to guide them through lows in life without judgment as well as to celebrate the highs with you.

I do hope you enjoy the pictures and you will find the SLURL at the bottom of the post.  The best part of doing this blog is the sharing, sharing these wonderful places and being able to share a bit of me.  Feel free to contact me in world to share with me as well should you feel so inspired.  I appreciate the connections that can be formed with others and am always open to the sharing of landmarks of sims I should be exploring.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Orcadi Island



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