The Mill

This grouping of pictures is from the “The Mill” build located on the “Pale Moonlight” sim.  This sim really is quite the build and has a lot to offer the curious explorer.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and it brought back memories of a sim that I helped build once.

One of the pleasures of exploring in Second Life is taking in all the creativity and beauty that sim builders imagine, but it is also the opportunity to form new memories as well as recall old memories.  Your second life can take on a complete and distinctive memory set from your real life and, the beauty of it is, they meld together to create a much larger mental library to draw from.  Much like dreams can draw from literature or movies as well as life activities, these experiences also get cataloged for later recall when we least expect it.

Walking up the hill and past the sunflowers to the main house definitely brought back memories as did the staircase leading to the beach.  I remembered the time spent creating it as well as the time spent enjoying it.  I took those mental snapshots and compared it to what had been created at “The Mill” and was able to appreciate their approach and wished I had done some things differently when I was working on the one I was involved with.  There were also things, were “The Mill” my build,  I would have done differently as well.  I did appreciate their approach and realized that both approaches were equally good as they matched the individual’s imagining.  Without variety and other ideas, life would lack innovation and be pretty boring.  This build is beautiful.

The sim I think back to was imagined to be in Italy and, as I look back, I remember my time in Italy very fondly, very fondly indeed.  The memories brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

But enough of my memories.  Grab the link located below the pictures and go conjure up your own.  If you haven’t a point of reference when you visit, you will create one for the next time you encounter something similar.  You will not regret taking a mental snapshot of this one at all.

To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  The Mill

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