La Vie

I decided to go for a walk during lunch a few weeks ago and, while passing by a park, I noticed a beautiful golden lab chasing its tail.  I decided to sit down on a bench and watch him for a while.  He chased himself in circles until he spotted a squirrel at the base of a nearby oak.  Needless to say, it shot off with a dash having something new and a bit more animated to chase.  I looked at my watch to see when I needed to get back and was shocked to see that 20 minutes had passed.  I had a quiet chuckle and thought to myself how easily entertained a dog can be.  Then it occurred to me, ironically, that I had just watched a dog chase its tail for 20 minutes.

As I strolled back to the office, I thought about what had just transpired and my realization that I, too, was just as entertained as the dog seemed to be, though probably not as frustrated.  The 20 minutes were gone, never to be lived again, but that did not bother me.  Contrasting that to 20 minutes spent standing in line or waiting in an airport, I did not feel that this 20 minutes had been stolen from me.  I did not think, “That is 20 minutes I will never get back.”  It was 20 minutes that I had inadvertently decided to spend for myself, something I was enjoying and that occupied my attention.  It took my mind off the tedium and demands of work for 20 minutes with a mindless activity.  I felt refreshed and relaxed and ready to return to the toil that was awaiting me for the afternoon.

Later in the afternoon we had one of those birthday celebrations that offices have.  During a discussion with a co-worker, I decided to share my experience with them and their response was, “Wow, you wasted most of your lunch hour watching that dog?”  Ironically, I did not see it as a waste.  I left the question unanswered and mentioned how rich and buttery the frosting on the cake was and we began the typically mundane banter that typically accompanied these forced office social interactions with the lure of desserts to get people to attend.  I really did not care to discuss why I did not see it as a waste of time.  Their opinion of the activity had been voiced and I did not feel like spending my time justifying my thoughts on it.  It would be time I would never get back.

One of the things I like to do right before I go to bed is to think back upon my day and think about what went well and what did not go as I would have liked.  This exercise is something I do to better classify my experiences from the day.  I thought about the interaction at the birthday party and how that made me feel and I got to thinking about when I used to tell my ex-wife how I felt her naps were a waste of time.  After watching the dog today, who was I to judge another on how they spent their time?  It is their time to use as they see fit.  We all have our needs or desires to satisfy and spend our time in a manner that feeds that purpose.

For those that say that Second Life is a colossal waste of time, it is time for them to examine if the reason they entered the world is still valid.  In three months, my watching a dog chase its tail for 20 minutes activity may seem like a waste of time to me.  Does that mean it was a waste of time today?  Not at all.  Something inside of me needed that distraction and watching satisfied that need.  Much like this experience and another person’s opinion of it, so is Second Life.  Everyone comes to this virtual world to satisfy a need or desire.  For some, it is about connection, other’s creativity, and it could be just curiosity.  Some come for the music, others for culture.  But for most, it is not a waste of time….well, at least not until it becomes an addiction, but that is a topic for another day.  

Just know that doing what you want to do with your time, as long as you get something out of it and leave feeling satisfied in some manner, is okay.  And know that, while you may not agree with what some find enjoyable, that is also okay.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we took a moment and instead of accusing someone of wasting their time that we, instead, chose to take a moment to attempt to understand what it is they like so much about it.  You never know, you may find something else that you can enjoy doing.  And if not, you confirm that it is a waste of time for you.  Not for them necessarily, but for you.  Something to think about.

I hope that those of you that read this are not sitting there saying, “Shoot, that is 5 minutes I will never get back.”  🙂  And, if so, I understand.  Either way, I did not see it as a waste of time for me.  🙂  I do hope that the pictures and the landmark make that reading worthwhile.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with and visiting sims built by the talented Krys Vita in the past.  She is a multi-talented woman who is also a great person (and is also the beautiful blonde in one of these pictures).  I was very thrilled when I saw this sim on a notecard full of landmarks passed to me by AbbyKrisk Blindside.  I have always enjoyed Krys’ work.  Great build labeled ‘La Vie’ and located on the sim of the same name.  Be sure and check it out, it is really worth a visit.

As always, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  La Vie

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