Love Story

I have found that, as I get older, I am becoming more and more sentimental.  Although never explicitly stated, I was raised to believe that a man did not demonstrate emotion in a manner that would make it look as if he were weak. Well not necessarily weak but rather not in control of a situation.  Men were to be stoic, the shelter in whatever storm was brewing.  At an early age, this was easy for me as I did not have any personal experiences that I could use to connect me to a particular situation emotionally.  But, as years passed, this changed.

The first instance of this occurred when I took my daughter to see The Lion King.  At first glance, a pretty benign animated adventure in the jungle.  Or so I thought until Simba’s father, Mufasa, met his end attempting to save Simba.  There I was, innocently eating popcorn and occasionally looking over at her when I felt moisture in my eye and a slight ache in my chest.  What would she do if something were to happen to me?  Being sly and a bit self-serving, I reached for her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.  Little did she know, that day she was my strength.  That little squeeze of her hand was enough to take me from that moment of dread and return me to the hope that was her smile.

Over the years, weddings in movies began to move me as well.  I saw her in that white dress heading off to a new life with someone she loved.  The happiness that she would someday find love and the fear that this man would not be worthy of my little girl, now a young woman, was enough to cause the tear to appear.  So, thinking quick, I did the quick stretch and yawn to have a plausible excuse for the moisture that had appeared in the corner of my eye.

And, as time passed, I would watch my father.  To my surprise, I discovered he did the same maneuvers at certain times.  As he aged, I found that I was there more often during his moments of fear or unease be it caused by a medical issue or some other happening.  I paid closer attention to his interactions with me.  My thought that men were to be the rock in every situation was not based in actuality but more of misconceived perception.  It was that we must appear that we are in control of the situation.  Everyone needs to release the pain they feel in life, and work through the fears that may occupy their minds.  The trick to appearing stoic is being able to identify the proper moment for releasing that pain.  And, sometimes, it is okay to just let it out when it hits.  Those who truly love you will understand.

Now what does this have to do with this sim?  When I visited and saw the wildlife scattered throughout it and the beauty of the forest and the waterfall, I began to think about the truest of my loves in life.  Everyone has people that pass through their lives in relationships and we have many ‘true loves’ during the span of a lifetime.  The truest love is that which exists between a parent and child though, and vice-versa.  I know there are many instances where that relationship is dysfunctional for one reason or another.  But deep down inside, there is a bond that connects you.  There is just something special between the giver of life and the recipient of that gift.  Love Story made me think of that and the bond that I have with each of my children.  Some of the bonds are strained a bit while others are closer but, in the end, I would do for each of them equally.  They are, after all is said and done, my legacy.

And here are the pictures.  I wish I had an award for those that made it through that rambling dialog.  Most of you have realized that his was one of my moments.  And I do feel better having let some of it out there.  That is the reason we share.

This sim is amazing.  Daisy Kwon has an amazing build here and her sister has something on the northern half that I will be visiting soon.  Be sure and enjoy her build, it is truly beautiful, relaxing, and a great way to spend some time with loved ones and take some pictures.  Happy exploring.

Please enjoy the pictures and the SLURL is at the bottom of the post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Love Story


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