I paid a visit to this incredibly beautiful build located on the “Everheart” sim.   This sim is literally an explosion of color with beautiful flowers and flowering trees everywhere you venture.  I recommend that you take some time and visit this sim and take some pictures of your own.  I was very pleased with the way each view presented itself to me.

As I continue my journey through sims for this blog, I am continually amazed at the creativity and beauty that exists in Second Life.  I do appreciate the social atmosphere of clubs and the shopping experiences in Second Life as well.  My preferred activity would involve the company of my lovely wife and my incredible family playing board games such as Greedy and Pentadee, or just plain goofing around with friends.  Exploring, though, really opens my eyes to the possibilities of this virtual world.  To see the visions that others bring to life.

When you are exploring, you can typically avoid the concerns that so many cannot seem to leave behind when they come into the virtual world.  It is typically you, your camera, possibly your partner, and your imagination during an exploration.  If someone presents something you find offensive while on your journey, it is simply a matter of derender and mute.  Ever wish you had those options in real life?  Yeah, me too.

Get out, get about, see what is out there to see.  Builds, like everything else in Second Life, last as long as the whimsical spirit that created them.  This is not a bad thing as it opens up a new imagining from an inspired mind.   Be sure to take in as much as it as you can while here.  Much like real life, time gets by us too fast and, before you know it, it is gone.  Time is the one thing you can never get back so use it to its fullest, with whatever it is you like to do.  Remember as well, if someone gives you their time……be appreciative.  It is the one gift in live that is priceless and cannot be returned.

And with that, I leave you with my captured images from my visit to this beautiful location.  I hope you enjoy it and the SLURL is at the bottom of the post.  I want to thank everyone as well for their kind words about the posts and pictures.  You are all too wonderful.

To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  PeTOu

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