I paid a visit to “Sommergewitter”, which translated to English is “Summer Thunderstorm”, because of my love of beaches.  I did not know the meaning before I arrived and discovered it raining.  Much like real life, I felt that a day on the beach in the rain was still better than a day at work.

As I wandered and began taking pictures, I found myself thinking of the parallels between rain in nature and tears in humans.  Having been through some tough times myself, I somehow linked the two in my head and realized that there really are a number of similarities between the two.

For example, rain washes everything it hits, makes it glisten when damp and removes the dirt and grime so that it appears brand new.  Likewise, tears help lubricate and clear the lenses of our eyes allowing us to see things clearer than we did before.

Rain is the release of moisture in the air.  It is typically triggered by the collision of a cold front with a warm front.  This atmospheric instability can result in some very intense storms that release a lot of energy in strong and turbulent bursts.  Tears are typically triggered by a build up of emotions.  Happy as well as unhappy emotions can trigger tears.  Happy emotions are usually minor releases of tears of jubilation that feel good and wipe away easily.  Sad or angry emotions can result in a very intense storm of tears that will pour uncontrollably out of you and often result in sobs and congestion.  This release of moisture helps to cleanse the soul much like the rain cleanses everything it touches.

Both rain and tears tend to freshen things.  After a good thunderstorm, everything seems brighter and smells fresher.  After a good cry, people generally feel like a weight has been lifted from them.  It is a mini-cleansing of the soul, a release of the emotions that had built up.

Rain and tears alike can create connections as well.  When it rains, people typically gather under shelters with others.  This typically results in mutual grumblings about the weather and, if the storm lasts long enough, other conversations occur.  With tears. most people will attempt to reach out and understand the issue.  Some of the best friendships and understandings between people are the results of a moment of release for one of the parties.

So that is my brief rambling about tears and rain.  I actually spent quite a bit of time thinking about it and suddenly realized that I had gotten pretty soaked.  I think I will upload these pictures, head home, take a hot shower, and dry off.  While I am doing that, I hope you enjoy the shots.  They are from “Sommergewitter” located on the “Cosima” sim.

Oh, and by the way, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Sommergewitter



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