The Lost World

The 11 pictures are from “The Lost World” build on the “Oyster Bay” sim.  Sera Bellic has done it again, creating a wonderfully immersive underwater adventure that must be seen to be fully appreciated.  The land description reads, “Welcome to The Lost World. The city of Atlantis Sera Bellic style. Bring your swim suits and scuba gear and explore this lost world. Swim suits are a must.”

I highly recommend a visit to this build.  The marine life alone makes this an incredibly enjoyable experience.   You mix in the various nautical artifacts and the relics of Atlantis and you have an incredible photographic opportunity.  Be sure and check this out before her whimsical imagination replaces it with her next creation.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, as always, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  The Lost World