These 10 photographs are from the “Devin, your destination – your dream” build located on the “Devin” sim.  The land description reads, “Sim owned by Roy Mildor, Ally Daysleeper and Alienmaus Allen.  Wonderful 2 sims on 2 levels full with amazing nature and lovely spots for photography, cuddle,dance and chill.”

When I landed and read the land description and saw three multi-talented individuals listed as owners, my expectations for the sim went way up.  Typically, when the bar is raised so high from the onset, it is hard to achieve that level of enjoyment but this sim delivers and then some.  You really need to check this out if you have not already.  It is delightful and the pictures that I took only begin to scratch the surface of what it contains.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, as always, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.


Visit this locating in Second Life by clicking here: Devin

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