Calas Galadhon’s ‘Neverland’

These 10 shots were taken at “Calas Galadhon’s ‘Never Land'” build located on the “Esgaroth” sim.  As the land description reads, “With the beginning of its 7th year , Calas Galadhon brings SL its 2016 Halloween build ‘NEVERLAND’ … the spirit of the season with the mix of beauty and terror that you can expect from CALAS this time of year :)”

As with everything else they do, Ty and Trunk have created another incredible build and I encourage everyone to check it out.  While there, I saw Alicia Underby dressed in what I believe to be a tiny jester’s costume.  I also happened to spy a young couple about to begin their adventure as well as the lovely Phoenyxa (who is also a very talented photographer, see Phoenyxa’s Flickr) sitting on a steampunk style crescent moon.  There is a lot to experience in this build and, for those into the season, a must see.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Calas Galadhon’s ‘Neverland’

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