These 12 shots are from the Vivaldi build located on the Brazil sim.  I found this listing in the Destination Guide and decided it sounded intriguing and it was nothing less.  It is a beautiful sim with something for most everyone.  From beachfront views to, after a bit of a climb, a snow covered mountain.  This sim is really something special and a must visit for someone into photography, greedy, or dancing.

Sofia, who explored with me last night, and I were lucky enough to encounter the owners of the sim while we was visiting and they are actually featured in two of the pictures.  We also asked them for a summary of their sim.

“Vivaldi was named for a classical composer Antonio Vivaldi who composed the instrumental piece “Four Seasons” . Here at Vivaldi you can find all four seasons.  Vivaldi started out as a typical homestead for just our family. As our brother, Shen Molinaro, started to design the sim it started to come to life. We quickly decided that it was much too pretty to keep to ourselves. We wanted to open it to the public for others to enjoy, just as we have been. Vivaldi has scenic places around the sim that are perfect for taking pictures, hanging out with that special someone, or with a group of friends. With plenty of things to keep you busy, Vivaldi has a Greedy table in the lighthouse and dancing at the Gazebo. We hope you enjoy your time here.  – Jaxx and Alex Luciano”

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and that you have the opportunity to take Jaxx and Alex up on their hospitality with showing their sim to everyone.  It is a very pleasant experience.  There are many things that I did not capture in pictures as I did not want to ruin all the surprises that await you.  The SLURL, as always, is at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here Vivaldi

5 thoughts on “Vivaldi

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning, Jeff! Just discovered your blog tonight and will surely be visiting often; love finding new places to explore in SL. Beautiful work!

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