France Portnawak – Aquarelle

These 6 shots are from France Portnawak -Aquarelle located on the Dreamworld Volcano sim.  It is described in the Destination Guide as, “Aquarelle is a landscape of lightness, softness and transparency in the colors of a watercolor. It is as if a painter invited you to jump into a painting, to bring life to the scene. Visit the beauty of the place alone, with friends or a lover and explore what is visible and what is not. Enjoy the serenity!”

This sim is a joy to visit.  It was filled with lovers enjoying the romantic aspect of the stage, individuals enjoying the serenity that it offers, and a few photographers too.  It is a very well done build and definitely a must-see.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, as always, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.



Visit it in Second Life by clicking here:  FRANCE PORTNAWAK – Aquarelle

Collection of my favorite pictures

I found out tonight that I have been nominated for an AVI Choice award in the category of Favorite Photographer/Studio.  To say that I am honored would be understating it.  I have been looking over my blog and my flickr (Jeff Goodnight) and was shocked to see that I have published over 170 blog posts and 1600+ photos.  Second Life photography has been a love of mine since my partner, Sofia Diage-Goodnight, first commented on one of my pictures.  Coupled with her praise was that of the many friends that I have made over the years and others who have found their way to my work through one avenue or another.  It is truly special when you receive recognition for something you love to do and appreciation for it when you share it with others.  My whole goal has been to share the beauty of Second Life through the pictures I take, be it the landscapes and sims that I visit or the avatars that I am fortunate enough to be asked to capture for digital memories.

It is an honor just to be nominated.  There are so many great photographers and to be included in such a prestigious and talented group is more than I ever could have hoped for.  I have taken a moment and chosen some of my personal favorites to share once again and hope that you enjoy them as much a second time as you did when I first posted them.  Thank you all for your ongoing support and kind words.  I will continue to strive and present new, exciting, and beautiful sims as I come across them as well as the beauty of those avatars that allow me to shoot them.  Thank you again.

Laluna Island – Frisland
Scribbled Hearts

Laluna Island – Frisland

Pinoy Hideout
The Pines at Jacobs Pond
The Goodnight Home
Coeur Village
Forgot to thaw out dinner again
Client Wedding Shot
The Pines at Jacob Pond
Yuke No Yume