Zombie Bayou

These 6 shots are from Zombie Bayou.  Sofia and I were hopping around between different Halloween sims this last Tuesday and this one was quite entertaining.  I took my pictures while watching and listening to her trying to find the innocent citizens so that she could rescue them from the zombies.  It was a good time.  The land description reads, “Welcome to the bayou!  Come join a small hunt for Halloween! It’s a fun place to hang out, enjoy each other’s company, do some trick or treating, maybe shop a little, watch a movie or two but most of all….HAVE FUN!   Beware of Zombies!”   So if you find yourself looking for something to check out, I would pay this location a visit.

I hope you enjoy the pics and the SLURL is at the bottom of the post.

Zombie Bayou
Zombie Bayou
Zombie Bayou
Zombie Bayou (yes, that is me being attacked by the ghost)
Zombie Bayou
Zombie Bayou


Visit in SL by clicking here:  Zombie Bayou

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