Halloween Rock ‘n’ Shock 2014

These 12 shots are from Halloween Rock ‘N’ Shock 2014 at Celebrities Hangout.  The land description reads, “Celebrities Hangout presents Halloween Rock and Shock 2014, a journey into your darkest nightmares!  Visit the haunted island, take the canoe ride to the psycho village and see if you can survive the madness.”  I was very impressed with the mood of this Halloween sim, it is nicely laid out, features a Bates Motel with mom’s house in the background, and skeleton band, and other great items to see.  You have to put this on your Halloween must see list.  While I was there I also saw an innocent looking girl waiting to be scared and included her in the mix because, after all, what is a Halloween layout without a pretty young victim-to-be?

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the SLURL is included at the end of the post.













Visit it in Second Life by clicking here:  Halloween Rock ‘N’ Shock 2014

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