St. Roman’s Island

These 7 shots are from St. Roman’s Island located on the Roman Land sim.  It is a beautiful location with lovely shores, water, cabanas, and tropical birds.  I found it a delightful sim to visit and to photograph.  I spoke with the owner and asked him to send me some information about it and this is what I received:

“St. Roman’s Island is one of SL newest family friendly beach that has hit the grid. Adults, teens, kids, babies (Zoobys, etc.), family, LIFE compatible toys, water sports (surf boarding, windsurfing, hang-gliders, jet skis & more), hangout, live DJs, parties, events….. We also have cabanas and huts for RENT (Daily, Weekly & Monthly). Each cabana and hut will have its own parcel for complete privacy & it comes with a Xcontrol TV in each one. So come and explore St. Romans Island to relax or just for a day of family fun. Est. 5/2014
For more information please contact:
Owner- Jerome Drutman
CEO(s)-Nikkie Plaid”

It has a playground and several other amenities that make for a nice getaway for a day or forever  🙂    The photo opportunities are wonderful too.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, if you want to check it out, the SLURL is contained at the bottom of this post as usual.

St. Roman’s Island
St. Roman’s Island
St. Roman’s Island
St. Roman’s Island
St. Roman’s Island
St. Roman’s Island
St. Roman’s Island

Visit it in Second Life by clicking here:  St. Roman’s Island

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