New England Islands – Great Island

These 4 shots are of Great Island which is located on the Lands End and Point of Pines sims.  These are just 2 sims of the many that make up the New England Islands.  Their website describes them as follows:

New England Islands Estate is a themed Estate in the virtual world of Second Life®, inspired and modeled on the Real Life US (East Coast) Cape Cod Islands. We invite you to reclaim childhood memories of seashells, reeds-covered tiny coiling marsh channels and endless ocean waterways for relaxing great sailing while passing by lovely handcrafted dunes, beach shores, and cranberry bogs to savor the scenic beauty.

The New England Islands Estate is known for its beautiful and authentic replica scenery, historical lighthouses, water open to boating and flying for anyone whether you are Human or any other kind of SL creation like Bird, Fairy, Furry, Mermaid or Tiny. 

New England Island Estate is also one of the founding estates of the United Sailing Sims of Second Life® (USS-SL) This is the grouping of over 200 privately owned sims dedicated to providing open water for sailing.

I am really taken with what they have done there and will be returning for additional pictures and probably take my boat out and do some recreational boating there.  It really is something to see.  I included a link to their website in the second sentence above and a landmark to Lands End is included at the bottom.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Great Island
Great Island
Great Island
Great Island

Visit it in Second Life by clicking here:  Great Island

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