The description as listed in search reads, “A giant dry lake bed where hulks of rusted ships rest on dried, cracked mud. A once desert island with decayed warehouses now holds art galleries, while the surrounding landscape hosts gypsies, carnies and tradespeople. This is Dryland.”

I visited not know what I would find and was pleasantly surprised.  While so many sim owners tend to do overkill on their themes, this one holds true to what the name implies.  It is truly dry land with what you would expect to find in a barren and desolate location.  The windlight setting selected for the sim was perfect for the scene that was being depicted and I was truly amazed at what I saw.  I will admit that my first reaction was, “Is this it?”  Then I began to full appreciate the beauty of the concept being portrayed.  This idea is very well designed and executed.  Kudos!


To visit this sim in Second Life, click here:  Dryland

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