Back to Alirium

I visited Alrium a couple of days ago and again last night.  I found myself in need of a little solitude to just try and relax and do some thinking.  The ceiling in my bedroom just is not as relaxing as some may find it so I logged into Second Life and went to Alirium again.

After standing in the meadows of vibrant yellow flowers, I began to come around and started taking some more pictures.  I left Alirium more relaxed even though the troubles I entered with were still with me.  I am working on those and will continue to until I can find a way to right all the wrongs.  Until then I think I will be visiting Alirium frequently so do not be alarmed when you see a man strolling through the meadows aimlessly.  He is just looking for answers and maybe snapping a few pictures.

I have never embedded a song in one of my posts before but this one came to mind last night.  It is one of my favorites.


Visit it in Second Life by clicking here Alirium

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