I saw some pictures today that were snapped at Imaginaria and I instantly placed it on my list of places that had to be visited.  As I laid in bed watching the dots on the ceiling do absolutely nothing to entertain me and being unable to sleep, I decided to go and take a look around.  Imagine my surprise when I came across the lovely Lullaby Kira at the sim taking pictures herself.  Being the voyeur that I am, I could not resist but to take a shot or two of her and then obtained her permission to post them.  Needless to say, she enhances the beauty of this already very attractive sim and I thank her for allowing me the honor of including her in the blog.

Please enjoy the pictures and take time out of your day to visit this sim.  It is simply delightful.

Imaginaria with Lullaby Kira
Imagineria with Lullaby Kira

You can visit it in Second Life by clicking here Imaginaria

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