New Beginnings (and a trip to Baja Norte)

This is the replacement to my last blog, “Landscapes and Ladies.”  I have decided to begin anew with the moniker “Goodnight Photography.”   Granted the last blog was about both landscapes and ladies but I am going to focus on just pictures.  If it involves landscapes, people, animals, objects then so be it.  This is my new beginning as it were, the cleansing of my soul.  I still owe everything I do in Second Life to one special lady who influenced me more than anyone I have ever known.  Those of you that know me also know who she is.  I just hope that one day I can properly thank her for everything she has done for me and everything that she still means to me.  She is an incredible muse and an even more incredible woman.

For this first new post, I found myself heading back to Baja Norte.  The crashing of the water into the rocks and the sound of the gentle swells on the beach just relaxes me.  I can stand on the waters edge for hours just mesmerized by the grand beauty of the expanse of the sea.  There is just something about the power of the ocean coupled with the peaceful relaxation that it brings me that makes me realize exactly how small each of us really are in the overall scheme of things.  The magic about that observation is also realizing how truly powerful each of us can be to someone else in the world.  We must always remember that and yield that power cautiously and with care, to bring smiles and laughter instead of frowns and tears.  This blog and the beauty that will be contained in it is dedicated to that one person I care about more than anything in the world, today, tomorrow, always.

Now to the pictures

Baja Norte
Baja Norte
Baja Norte
Baja Norte
Baja Norte

See this in Second Life here Baja Norte

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