Winter at Deciduous

It is that time of year again when a blanket of white covers the far north and gives everything a clean and crisp appearance.  When the sun shines down on the snow, it is really a brilliant and beautiful sight to behold.

When I heard that Deciduous had a fresh coat of powder, I had to go and see for myself.  It is such a beautiful sim and winter has proven to be just as beautiful as the other seasons.  I highly recommend it for a visit, a stroll, and, of course, some pictures.  Be sure and check it out while it is still covered in white.

I have attached the pictures from my visit as well as the SLURL at the bottom of the post.  Always happy to help others find their way to a sim 🙂

To visit this location in Second Life, please click here:  Deciduous

Pandora Resort ~ Namaste

I paid a visit to Pandora Resort and, following the landmark, I found myself on a plane.  This plane is very luxurious and screamed of comfort.  I proceeded towards the front of the cabin and out through the exit to find myself at the Pandora airport.  I found this to be a very unique way to land in a sim and was excited to see what lie ahead on this journey.

The land description for this build reads, “An exotic island resort just off the coast to India is open to cater to the needs of fun, warmth and relaxing experience exposed to vivid lush wildlife and other hidden paradise.”

Trip and Tate have done a wonderful job creating this paradise.  It is peaceful, relaxing, and tranquil.  You feel immersed in this island resort and I will be visiting often.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and find time for you own getaway.  I have attached your ticket to the plane at the bottom of this post.

To visit this location in Second Life, please click here:  Pandora Resort


It was a stormy evening when I decided to visit Neverfar.  Even with the storm clouds rolling in, I found myself willing to wander the sim and grab some pictures.  As with everything in life, there are dark days and there are bright days.  It is what we do with them that makes all the difference.

This sim is described as, “~H o m e n o t f a r a w a y ~.  A little piece of my heart and soul I created for this world to enjoy some quiet time alone or with your love ones and create…moments.  Please respect the privacy of the residents.NO nudity/topless.”

Inertiabergan (Caridee Sparta in-world) has created a truly special build that I really enjoyed wandering through.  I got some pretty nice pictures from it and am sharing them with you below as well as the SLURL (at the bottom of this post) so that you can go and explore for yourself.  I will be heading back to this one again soon.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and find some time to check it out as well.

To visit this location in Second Life, please click here:  Neverfar


“This is Greenland !!  With its typical colorful houses, fishing harbour, ice landscapes, frosted atmosphere and the sound of the bitter wind .. We tried to be original and as realistic as possible, while keeping a small part of fantasy of course. Have fun!”  And so reads the land description of this sim.

It is a beautiful build with lots of color and the feeling of a chilly and snowy location up north.  Very well done and definitely a must visit for those who enjoy winter sims.

I ran across this while enjoying some alone time in Second Life and found myself wandering around it for about an hour.  I ran across Kate (Katherine Starfall in-world) and several other people that I knew while there.  It apparently was the place to be that day 🙂

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I have included the SLURL at the bottom of this post.


To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  Greenland