Goodnight – Open 1 More Week

Just a reminder that the ground level portion of the sim “Rodanthe” will be open for one more week. We will be closing the ground level first thing Sunday morning, October 1st, 2017.  Access to the amusement park and the store will remain open.

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I do hope to see you come by and I hope you enjoy the preview pictures.


Visit the sim in Second Life by clicking here:  Goodnight

Visit the amusement park in Second Life by clicking here:  Goodnight Amusement Park

The Salted Ruins

As I explore other people’s picture feeds on Flickr and Facebook, I noticed this sim coming up quite frequently.  “The Salted Ruins” as described in the land description, “2017 Summer Photography Challenge for Elysion Members – Inspired by the beauty and culture of the country of Sri Lanka.”  It is, however, limited to members of the Elysion group only.  That being said, they are known for their elaborate events and their sim landscapes so, for me, it is something that was worth the investment.  Just wanted to let everyone know that it is group only access before you tried to get there and find you cannot.  I have included the SLURL to their group joiner location should you decide you want to investigate membership.

I do hope you enjoy the pictures and I have also included the SLURL to the sim at the bottom of the post.


To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  The Salted Ruins

To join the Elysion group, click here:  Elysion Group Joiner Location



Looking at other’s pictures, I saw a shot of this sim and knew I needed to visit it.  It is located on the “Coffee Island” sim and the land description simply stated, “A chilly club under a quiet island.”  Going through the door by the landing zone I found that there was, indeed, a club there.

This is a very attractive build and is laid out very nicely. Especially enjoyed the attention to detail within the club as well as the fencing and other touches around the sim.  I recommend this to anyone looking for a place to explore for inspiration as well as taking photos.

I hope you enjoy the photos I snapped while there and the SLURL is at the bottom of the post.

To visit this location in Second Life, click here:  !!! BARDECO & KEKELAND !!!



Val d’Orcia

I was out and about and came across the “Val d’Orcia” build located on the “Ozark” sim.  This is a beautiful Tuscan themed residential sim with what appear to be rentals located here and there as you wander through it.  I happened to have property lines enabled on my viewer so was able to easily identify the different rental plots as I approached them.  I merely mention it so that those who choose to take pictures and look around are knowing of this fact and can be respectful to those residents.  This sim provides some very beautiful photographic opportunities and I was very impressed with the way it was done.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and, as always, the SLURL is located at the bottom of this post.

Visit this location in Second Life by clicking here:  Val d’Orcia